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About Us

ES Link Capital Sdn Bhd was established in 2011. The company’s core business focuses on personal financing services, product financing and sales of car insurance. At the same time, online personal financing service are provided to ensure that customers experience faster and more convenient “online” personal financing applications.

Provide customers with a wide range of consumer financial services that they need, and strive to be “faster, more professional, and more attentive!”. Establishing a new and convenient personal financing service platform between banks and general financial institutions is definitely your choice for personal financing services Confidence is the first choice.


To help customer to deal with their financial needs with ease and enjoy easy access to capital.

We provide a wide variety of professional, reliable and flexible personal financing services


Introduces a smart technology personal financing system to provide customers

Breaks the boundaries of personal financing and introduces a smart technology personal financing system to provide customers with a brand-new and express personal financing experience.